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[All] Location Alerts Assigned To Contexts


There's one feature that I've missed since switching to Todo from OmniFocus that I'd love, LOVE you guys to add to Todo: location-based alerts assigned to contexts. In other words, say you have the context 'home'; instead of assigning an individual location alert to each task with the context home, you would assign a location alert to the home context itself and every task assigned this context would automatically get the location alert.

This makes perfect sense, as a context commonly refers to a specific location (home, work, grocery store, etc.).

OmniFocus takes it one step further by allowing you to assign one of three sensitivities to the alert, i.e. alert triggered within a small radius from the location would be useful for arriving at home or the office, or within a large radius from the location for arriving in a certain city. This would just be the gravy, but for now just having the context location alerts would be amazing!

Anyway, I really hope this is something that you guys will seriously consider. Todo is definitely the superior iOS todo app, and this would help solidify that position.



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