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Is ToDo For Mac dead?

ToDo for the Mac has not been updated in some time. You have removed all product information about the Mac version from your web site. The help page the Mac App links to is gone. In fact I had to dig to find this small sub-section in the forums before I found anything about ToDo for the Mac. 

It is looking for all intents that ToDo for Mac is a dead product. I really like ToDo, but I must have a product that supported across OS X and iOS. Unless I get some kind of definitive answer, I will be dropping ToDo and moving to a product that does do what I need.

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Is it still alive now? BTW, in the "Tasks Action" area of the app I can't add contacts.  Is there a way to add contacts? 

Well, it is not very alive. It has had a known bug for over three months where you cannot set the start date from the quick add. So setting a date for a task does not work. There's not many things more important for a task than setting a date for the task. Kind of fundamental.

It's cool, nice update.

The update for iPhone and iPad have updated the Todo data base and it is no longer compatible with Todo for Mac. We have submitted the update for Todo for Mac that will correct this. We sincerely apologize for our error and any inconvenience this may have caused. This should be corrected when the Todo for Mac update has been approved by Apple. If you would like we have a beta version with the fix available here:


I use Todo mac 3.0.5.  I tried to synchronize to iPad version with Dropbox.  But I can't do so.  Why?

WOW. Many like minded frustrated Todo users here. Appigo would be wise to step back and soak in the user experience frustrations. When a user states they are reinstalling a previous version, who obviously knows computing, this NEEDS to be listened to. Not as a personal attack, but VALUABLE free feedback to make your UI better. I have a love hate relationship with Todo. When I don't bump into a poorly under though UI issue, I realize hoe my life can easily revolve around this software to organize it. When I run into UI issues that were obviously not given much thought or testing to, I see a company stratling the line between an indispensable app that could sell tons of copies, and one with an app teetering on the cliff of death and obscurity. In a word: poor project management, Un-unified goals, or worse "ship it, we need the cash flow" regardless whether it's ready or not, and then see how many complaints you get as the imperious to fix, vs fix it because it's wrong and your motto needs to be to make software the best it can be. Not what you can get away with. I'm concerned that Steve Jobs' methodologies, regardless if a Mac or PC user, may remain locked within only being pertinent to developing Apple products instead of how tech products and Their software is BEST created. Apple didn't rise to,the top because it created and marketed Apple products. It rose to the top because Steve was relentless when it came to a formula to best creating ANYTHING. I pray his methods, sans the abuse, carry over to many if not all manufacturing. Appigo is poised over the line of greatness and Shit. Go watch A Jobs interview and finish your offerings correctly. Your company's future is in your control. Don't screw it up. Please, we need you!

Any updates or ETA or Beta Testers needed ?

A new Mac app and the ability to add Photos and I'd be one contented camper.

Indeed i would't have to pay again.

Jeff, is this a free update?


We do not pre-announce release dates, but we are getting fairly close and it is looking very good.

Hello Jeff. Is there any status on the update for the Mac app? Thank you.

We do not have a release date at this time, but we are currently in the alpha testing stages.


Jeff -- That would be nice. Hopefully it won't be as brain-damagingly ugly as Todo 7 for iOS. I know that anti-skeuomorphism is the new paradigm for interface designers who venerate polysyllabic concepts, but there is a more potent aspect to software design that Jobs and those like him understood: User Experience. Plotting tasks in 6 felt like curling up with a notebook and writing some plans. Plotting tasks in 7 feels like lurching to a whiteboard and scrawling notations while trying to ignore the miasma of ammonia oozing from the floor tiles. News Flash: Everyone doesn't want their "User Experience" to be cold, lifeless and flat. Whatever. I've erased 7 and gone back to 6 and pretty much given up on the Mac version until things shake out.

Hi Jeff

Great news! Any suggestion for a release date?

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