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Is ToDo For Mac dead?

ToDo for the Mac has not been updated in some time. You have removed all product information about the Mac version from your web site. The help page the Mac App links to is gone. In fact I had to dig to find this small sub-section in the forums before I found anything about ToDo for the Mac. 

It is looking for all intents that ToDo for Mac is a dead product. I really like ToDo, but I must have a product that supported across OS X and iOS. Unless I get some kind of definitive answer, I will be dropping ToDo and moving to a product that does do what I need.

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It's cool, nice update.

Well, it is not very alive. It has had a known bug for over three months where you cannot set the start date from the quick add. So setting a date for a task does not work. There's not many things more important for a task than setting a date for the task. Kind of fundamental.

Is it still alive now? BTW, in the "Tasks Action" area of the app I can't add contacts.  Is there a way to add contacts? 
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