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[All] Project inside a project inside a project...

Currently you can create a project and in that project create task and under that task have a checklist. It would be nice to have the ability to create a project with sub projects with sub, sub projects and so on. All with different due dates, assignments, notes, alerts, etc.

Maybe it would look something like this....

-Main Project

   -Sub Project 1.0

        -Task 1.1

        -Sub Project 1.1



        -Sub Project 2.1



   -Sub Project 2.0

        -Sub Project 2.1

            -Task 2.1.1

            -Checklist 2.1.1

            -Task 2.1.2

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Yes why can't we do it with todo 8 ?

This is a premium feature to be able to create checklists under projects and requires a Todo Cloud subscription.


But I have a cloude subscription
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