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Displaying Projects, assigning tasks to projects

I work a lot with "projects" and miss the opportunity to qucikly move tasks in and out of projects. Since i have hundreds of taks, it would be real helpful if i could see all my projects on the left bar (currently i see only lists, tag and context there) and move the task from the right bar (where all tasks are listed) to a project from the list on the left bar. Even better would be if each user could configure left bar himself.

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 I agree, having a list of projects on the left bar would be very helpful!

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I agree wholeheartedly with this suggestion. It would be extremely helpful to see a list of my projects in the left bar with the ability to easily move tasks in and out of the projects. I've been evaluating a possible move to Nozbe because of that feature. Though as I have reevaluated Todo, I love the app and am not likely to move, but this one feature would be a major benefit to those of us that work with projects extensively.
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