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[All] Clone Task to multiple lists

(For ToDo Cloud - web, iPad, iPhone, and Mac) 

I often want to assign a task to more than 1 list - as a clone.  For example,  "Read Keppe's Book" is in my Home list.  But I also want it in my Play Ideas list.  If I delete this cloned task, it should disappear from both lists.  

I do this for work also.  I have an item, "Raise $20K for Marketing" in our General Circle Project (List).  But it should also have a clone in the Marketing Department (List).  If the task is deleted it should disappear for both lists.

If this is already possible could you please show me how?  I've tried on all 4 platforms.  



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I really like this suggestion.  I have many tasks that I would like to appear in a 2 (or more lists).  Recipes, for example, would be great to have in a recipes list and then also include in a specific holiday or dinner party list of things I want to prepare for that day.  Or interesting ideas that I file away in an "Ideas" list which I want to include in a specific project -- once the project is done and the list is closed, I still want to have a record of the big idea which I may have only partially executed or completed.  

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