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[All] Another sort option request

I want to have the option to sort my"All Tasks" by lists, so each set of tasks from each list are grouped together by their list.  I know this may be an odd way to want a master list (you can just look at each list), but I have many lists, and it would be helpful to, at least at th start of a day, scan a list of all tasks grouped by project (or list).

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I'm with Bill, please, please create this option.  I need to be able to look through my "all tasks" list sorted by list category.  Being able to sort by tag would be great too.


Any additional filter/sort options would be good!

Sort by list or project is essential. Ideally, you should also be able to select how many of the tasks from a project are shown, just the next item, or one or more. But sorting by project or list is a very basic function that ToDo should have.

This is still a relevant issue for me, and I am again requesting this be added as a sort feature.

Thank you.

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