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Feature Request: Better way to view tasks for a specific day

Almost all of my tasks are under projects, so when I look at the list of tasks I have ahead of me for the day, I just see a list of all my projects -- not very useful. I would LOVE to be able to have a visually appealing, useful way to see what I need to do on a given day.  Any chance of having some different layout options for viewing all tasks at once? Like showing the task rather than just it's parent heading? Having to click all of the arrows to see what's under them, and then also seeing stuff that's been previously completed on other days is not at all what I'm after... 

Even just having a choice to make the default options with the arrows open so you see what's under them would make a big difference! But really, I'd like a project with two tasks under it to show as TWO lines, not THREE. Would make navigating my daily list much easier. In fact, I don't use To Do for my daily list, I have to hand type it out as a separate text file... not very seamless or convenient.

This is one of the MAIN reasons I'm always shopping around for a better To Do program... I haven't found one yet, but If you offer this feature, I can stop looking:-) Thanks!

This can be done using the focus list settings. In your focus list settings make sure subtasks is turned on. Your tasks will then be displayed in your focus list independent of the parent project task.


Not really... then it's just a mish mash of everything out of context... it needs to have both the project name and task name clearly organized. Tasks in the same project should be next to each other. 

What order is this putting the tasks in?

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