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Assigning Tasks to Either "All" or to Multiple Users

Our office works very collaboratively, and often more than one person is responsible for one task. I often assign tasks to my team and there is usually more than one person involved in each task. Additionally, there are items/problems that we all will sit down as a team and hash out collaboratively. 

I would love to be able to either assign a task to more than one person or to be able to make an "All" or similar user which would cause the task to show up on everyone's filtered "Me" list. 

When I filter the long daily list from "All Tasks" to just "Odette" tasks, I only see the tasks assigned to me, not the unassigned or the ones assigned to my team members. I would like to see the tasks assigned to "Odette" and the ones assigned to "All" or "Team" or similar; and I would like the "All" tasks to also show up on all other users' personal lists.

What we currently do is that a collaborative task is either left unassigned or assigned to myself since I am the supervisor. If a task is unassigned, it does not show up when we each filter our daily work to only see what we are each up to. If I assign it to myself, then the onus is on me to hound others to do the task, where if we could all see if coming ahead in our personal lists, we could plan for it better, individually and collectively. 

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Has this feature been made available in the Cloud version? If not, it would be highly desirable.

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