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Sync Focus List settings

I use Todo on iPhone, Mac, and Web. If I add a new list, and I don't want that list to end up in the Focus List, I have to hide that list in three different applications: Mac, iPhone, and Web. This seems silly. Why can't the Focus list settings sync itself between all devices?

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I would add that all organizational settings should be sync-able, and that a user should be able to enable/disable settings synchronization on a device.  If you want to setup the view for a certain device differently, just disable synchronization and customize to suit.

Organizational Settings:
  • Icon / App Badge Settings
  • Appearance Settings¬† (Show completed tasks for..., Hide tasks that start after..., etc.)
  • Defaults
  • Focus List Settings
  • Filters

Adding this capability would really help users with multiple devices to get started with the app.  While working out my organizational processes and figuring out how best to setup the App for my use, I made several tweaks / changes over the space of a couple of weeks and I had to go into each of my devices and modify the settings to suit, and with having 5 devices... This was an annoyance.

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