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Todo Printing


I've been using Appigo Todo on an iPad and iPhone and more recently on a Mac and I love it!  I like to print off my Todo tasks lists from my Mac so that I can see what I need to do in hard copy.  However the format of this printing has just recently changed (presumably after an update?) such that it now prints all of the task notes along with the task itself - which makes it very unwieldy.  I can't figure out a way of changing these settings so that it just prints the tasks themselves and not the notes.

Can you please let me know if/how that is possible.


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Would also like better printing options from a Mac

I agree completely, ToDo is a great tool for IPhone, iPad and the Mac but is extremely limited to use properly unless the printing feature is improved. I capture a screen shot at the moment and then print that.


Anyone know how to exclude completed tasks from a print? Pretty pointless printing two-thirds of a page of completed tasks...

At the moment there is not an option to excluded them while printing from Todo on iOS. 

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