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Update on the mac app?

Hey guys, I've been talking with Jeff from support via email but he doesn't seem to have many answers regarding the Mac app, as it appears devs are being tight-lipped about the update.

Are we anywhere near release or beta?

Yeah, I second this emotion, for all the above reasons. Love the iOS apps but hate Hate HATE the mac app. PLUS lately the app is crashing much more frequently.

Can someone please let me know if a Mac update is coming anytime soon.  I feel your app and how it functions if extremely fluid.  I have tried many others and find yours to be the best so far.  I have to admit that I have been an OmniFocus fan for a long time.  I love the new look and most of the function in it, but missing some very simple and obvious function.  For sake of updates and staying current I will be making my final decision as to which one to use exclusively.  A makeover and additional features would seal the deal for me.  Several of my colleagues are in the same position.  Please inform everyone of your intentions.  

Thank You

Dr. Abrams

I agree. I really needs an update. I have never understood why something so simply like keyboard shortcuts for most functions was never implemented. As an example there is no keyboard shortcut to start/unstar items. Would also love to see shortcuts to postpone items till tomorrow, remove due date etc etc etc..

The Mac app is in desperately need of an update. It feels old and not too good looking.

Guess not....
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