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Allow dependencies

It would be helpful to allow dependencies on tasks.

For example, you might have project "build wooden thing"

Task 1 would be "measure area"

Task 2 would be "buy wood"

Task 3 would be "cut wood"

Task 4 would be "nail wood together"

This is a very linear project, and to have all show up in your focus list could be overwhelming, if you have a number of other projects going on.

If you can create dependencies (for example, don't start Task 2 until Task 1 is completed) that would help clean things up.

Might be moving to far to the realm of full blown project management software, but for me, I'd love it

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I posted a similar request: Blocking items 

This is what I came here to suggest, I would love this feature!

The implementation could be something like a checkbox labeled "Link tasks of this project" in the project info screen (where you set the due date, context etc). When task 1 is completed on day X, the start date of task 2 could be automatically set to the same day.

Another example, although this thread is 2 years old, with no feedback from Appigo, so....

I need to do task A on Monday, and can't do task B until A is complete (let's say the day after - maybe paint has to dry, for example). However, something comes up on Monday, and my commitments for the rest of the week mean that I have to push task A back by a week. If task B automatically moves back when I edit task A, it saves me the job of updating both tasks.

Hi Everyone, 

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us regarding dependencies, this has been a topic we've discuss in the past and we'll continue to review this possibility further. 

Thanks for sharing! 



Dependencies are pretty important to how my team works tasks. Is there a road map or something where we can see if ideas are accepted into releases?

Dependencies imply another visualization: Gantt Chart! Really missing it!

Yes, please please please add dependencies!

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