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More Task Alert Sounds

Many of the provided task alerts are very brief, I use the Bells for tasks I need to be alerted to when I have stepped away from iPhone or computer.

Some more alert sounds that are similar to the length of Bells would be helpful, as one could set sound alerts and know without looking what the category for the alert being sounded would be.

Right now, I am stuck with only one sound for all alerts I want to sound.


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Perhaps, the app can allow the selection of alert tone from default alert tones that come with iOS.

Yep need longer alerts! Pick IOS one sounds great


Please! I have been asking for more alarm sounds (longer, louder, more up-to-date, etc) since 3 years now. Please, please, please, use the iOS sound possibilities and give us users a bigger choice on the alarm sounds we want/need to use. It is the only flaw in your app, but it is an annoying one. Please, please, please, listen to your customers!

I see this is an old thread. I wish it had a solution. PLEASE, we need longer and louder alert tones. 

Hi Judith, 

Are you using Todo 8 or Todo Cloud ? 

Actually I am using ToDo 8.2.8 because I do not like the look and feel of ToDo Cloud at all. However, I did try out ToDo Cloud for 2 months, and the alert tone problem there isn't any better than the alert tone problem at ToDo 8 - the alert tones being offered in both ToDo versions are a simply a big joke, taking into consideration that we are end of 2016. You could do FAR better, in both ToDo versions. Please, please listen to your customers (that do pay you a monthly or yearly fee for that, btw) and update your offer on alert tones to a more appropriate and state of the art level.
I keep my iPhone on silent. I would love if Todo would add a vibration when an alert is triggered.
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