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Function missing in latest Mac app

I've just updated to the latest Mac app (3.0.0), however, I can no longer see the note content in the task list. As no zoom ability (cmd-1 to cmd 5) in this update. Also, I cannot display both the calendar and context list at the same time. Am I missing some new setting? Thank you!

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The note content via the slider is gone.  I emailed tech support about it.  Their response ... "The slide was removed so that Todo for Mac was more consistent with the iOS apps."

Seems to me like that's going backwards ... now there are additional steps required to see the notes.

yes... thank you for your reply! :)

Well, consistency with iOS apps is a good point: the search function (in focus list) is still not consistent. While in the Mac app seacrch is restructed to the focus list, in iOS app the search is done in all lists. That is what I prefer.

I understand consistency but one is operated with your fingers and the other is operated with a keyboard and mouse/ trackpad.  Big difference in user experience right of the bat.  Loosing functionality to make it look more like the iOS platform is not the right direction.  

totally agree!

Me too ! I'm not using my mac as I use my iPhone…And my macro keys doesn't work no more :-(

Don't like it!

  1. I had no idea there was an update until I logged into ToDo on my Mac this morning
  2. Yes, looks like the iOS version -- that doesn't mean it's better
  3. Can't see Lists, Contexts and Tags all at the same time
  4. I use Tasks as time cards so having notes come up right away in a large window was perfect! Now it takes 2 clicks to get to the same place -- this slows down the process making using what used to be a fantastic and easy app, more cumbersome
  5. No Task zoom so you can't see even a brief mention of what's in the Notes section (before, you could choose one of 5 zooms)
  6. Where can you easily set the priority? And using the "!", really? So un-Mac like
  7. And did I mention you can't make the NOTES window larger????

This is not an improvement. Sorry. Wish I could go back to the previous version. Really do!

"If it aint broke, DON'T FIX IT!"

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