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Todo 3 For Mac - Pretty but a step back

I was incredibly excited to see an update get released today as I'm an avid Todo user after trying just about everything out there.  It really is the best platform for Mac and iOS (my opinion of course).

The new app is very pretty and was really in need of an update, but a bit of functionality polish has been lost in this release. To be honest, it feels very much like a beta and not a public release.  Here are my gripes...

- No longer can you display the calendar, tags and contexts at the same time.  This is sorely missed.  While you can drag your task to the links at the bottom to display these areas, it's not as quick or user friendly as it was in Todo 2.  Also makes sorting very slow, requiring way to many mouse-clicks.

- Many areas of interface are not scaled properly making it REALLY feel like a beta.  For example, opening up a task to edit it's attributes welcomes you with a window that compared to anything else you're using on the Mac feels GIANT.  Fonts sizes used throughout the application don't follow suit with other areas (like the calendar). Overall, it just doesn't look policed like the iOS versions does.

- Why hasn't the sync feature been improved?  As with Todo 2, if I create a new task, it syncs almost immediately but if the task is created via iOS, it can take as little as an hour (that's still the fastest option) for the Mac to sync.  Why not add faster sync options (every 5 mins, 15 mins)?

- Some things are now broken.  When I create a Checklist, it syncs the Task immediately like other tasks accept as I'm adding items to the Checklist, they're not syncing.  That will happen in about an hour when Todo performs it's auto-sync.  Frustrating. 

Overall, Appigo has the right idea but this release is feels premature.  I, like everyone else was looking forward to an update from v2 but it's not ready and now, I can't downgrade to v2 as it's not available via the Mac App store.

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Also bummer that they removed the ability to tab between fields for quick data entry. 

Loss of the slider to adjust the amount of data seen in each task is also big step backwards.  

As far as I can tell the only way to now see a note attached to a task is to double click the task and open the window. I use Todo in my law practice so almost every task contains client notes related to the task.  Now, rather than just a quick glance to see those notes, I have to open the task.

It doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's a huge time waster.  And, depending on the number of notes in the task in may have to be opened numerous times in the course of completing the task.

Please, bring back the slider.

John sadly I agree, Todo Mac 3 feels like a beta, especially regarding features (removed), functionality (reduced) and performance (persistent crashes).

At least with "official" betas you're forewarned and know there's a option to revert to a stable version. Alas not when you're app is only available through the App Store. Todo was the first and best task app on IOS but now there's fierce competition.

Can anyone explain, what the very left icon on bottom of the left sidebar is for. I understand calendar, context an tags, but what is that sheet-of-paper-symbol for? 

And what is the down-arrow on the tiny calendar for? I could not unterstand either.

What happened to Todo Pro? I can't find that in the app store anywhere?

Regarding the icon in the far left corner...I can only think it's a 'Hide All' option to remove Calendar, Context, Tags, etc.  

As for Todo Pro, I'm pretty sure it's been replaced with Todo Cloud 3.  It looks like there's no longer an option to download Pro.

"Regarding the icon in the far left corner...I can only think it's a 'Hide All' option to remove Calendar, Context, Tags, etc. "

Seems so.But this functionality is fully useless, s each of the icons can be hiiden by a second click and it is not possible to show several at the same time.

>> Can anyone explain, what the very left icon on bottom of the left sidebar is for.

>> I understand calendar, context an tags, but what is that sheet-of-paper-symbol for?

>> And what is the down-arrow on the tiny calendar for? I could not unterstand either.


The icon on the left hand side simply hides whatever filter list you have open. If the calendar, context, tags or user list is popped up, this icon closes it.

The down arrow icon in the calendar takes you back to the current month if you've scrolled forwards or backwards to other months.

Okay, yes. Running Todo Cloud 3 now, and it hooks into the same sync as Todo Pro. I think that's good they consolidated. It was very confusing having multiple products. 

I am pretty disappointed with this version, though. As everyone else has said, it's a little rough around the edges, but it seems like they gave it a face lift only. Things look prettier, but aren't that much more functional. They brought so much over from the iOS version, I was hoping I could right-click a task and get the Quick Menu, for example. No such luck.

And no Notification Center support? That seems like a big miss.

I'm in a weird spot right now. I don't love the software, but it works well for me, and I can't easily switch to anything else because there's no way to export the data. I guess I'll soldier on for now.

I have to agree with you all -- hope tech support, development and marketing are listening to its users!

Don't like it!

  1. I had no idea there was an update until I logged into ToDo on my Mac this morning
  2. Yes, looks like the iOS version -- that doesn't mean it's better
  3. Can't see Lists, Contexts and Tags all at the same time
  4. I use Tasks as time cards so having notes come up right away in a large window was perfect! Now it takes 2 clicks to get to the same place -- this slows down the process making using what used to be a fantastic and easy app, more cumbersome
  5. No Task zoom so you can't see even a brief mention of what's in the Notes section (before, you could choose one of 5 zooms)
  6. Where can you easily set the priority? And using the "!", really? So un-Mac like
  7. And did I mention you can't make the NOTES window larger????

This is not an improvement. Sorry. Wish I could go back to the previous version. Really do! I've been an avid fan of Appigo originally on my iPhone and then on the Mac when that came out. I use it every day to keep me organized. So the easier and more intuitive software is, the more chance we'll use it. Unfortunately, this has taken away from what I believe was a great app.

"If it aint broke, don't fix it!"

When I type or paste an internet address in notes, it turns to an hyperlink. When I go back to the task's details, the hyperlink turns back to text and cannot be clicked. I really hope this is fixed soon.

I also wish a larger note window.

Generally, I like the new look of Todo for Mac. However, I have to agree that functionality has taken a hit.

Highest on my list is that tasks that are contact, web links, etc. no longer have a control in the task that will perform that action. I create a lot of tasks that link to a web page or contact. In the past, I could simply click on the action control and jump right to it. In the latest version it’s a mess:

1 You have to double-click (nothing useful in the right-click menu) on the task to bring up the overly large details pop-up

2 Find the action in the pop-up

3 Click the action

Then, the details pop-up doesn’t disappear.

- You have to switch back to Todo and click the done button or click outside it to dismiss the pop-up.

- Even if you click the “complete” checkbox on the item, the pop-up for the item remains (!!!), covering up most of your list.

- There’s no “complete” button in the pop-up (which would mark it complete and dismiss the pop-up)—this seems like an oversight

This is awkward and really feels like a drag on my workflow.

What I really want (back) is a small icon on the right side of items with actions that will perform that action.

Every time I start ToDo it has the same tag selected. In the older version it would have the last chosen tag(s) selected.

Agree with all, the fact that it looks like the iOS version does not mean better.  I use a desktop machine to have desktop functionality, not a duplicate of my ipad.  This is a major step backward in terms of functionality and I have to admit I am looking elsewhere for a program (not a damned app, a PROGRAM) that does what I need, quickly and efficiently.  The reason iOS apps look the way they do is the lack of screen real estate.  Don't make my desktop feel the same...



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