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Task Assignment

I use Task Collaboration.  I've searched all over to try to find a way to create a task and have it default to me as the assigned owner of the task, but with no luck.  When Tasks are created they get assigned to Unassigned.  It seems like this should be one of the Preferences under Defaults.  Am I missing something?  99% of the tasks I create are assigned to me, but a few get assigned to someone else.  It seems so unnecessary, and easy to forget, to have to change the default from Unassigned.
And this even happens on lists that I haven't shared, which seems ludicrous.  I add a task and the choices are to default assign it to Unassigned or to me, and the system chooses Unassigned.  Ugh!

Hopefully there's some way to set this and I've just missed it.  Anyone?

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