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The New Look ...

In the update there was a "Completely new user interface"

Yes there is ... It's lifeless, colourless, boring!

* No help icon when mouse hovers over an action

* Cannot adjust List size on LHS, though there's an icon to show one can

* Cannot adjust Calendar size at bottom LHS

* Huge big white gap in the middle of the program, whether it be ToDo Cloud in a browser or using it as the stand-alone application.

* Cannot give a Task, Project a colour within the centre list.

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Hi Mark,

You can drag the pop-up lists on the LHS down (i.e. contexts, tags and users) to make them smaller, if that's what you mean?

Correct, the calendar can't be resized.

Not sure what you mean about the big white gap?

Projects are coloured the same colour as the list they belong to.

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