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Access to full history of completed tasks

I just purchased Todo for Mac and plan to use it primarily for tracking work activities. It's important for me that I can go back to view completed tasks at any time -- including more than a year in the past.

I have seen the options to display or hide completed tasks up to a year old, but what I want to know is if all of my completed tasks -- no matter how many years old they are -- are stored somewhere that I can access them. And how to get access to that archive, even if they aren't typically displayed.

I am not using the cloud version; this is a completely local stand-alone version, so I don't see any reason for the software to ever delete any of my tasks (or make it so that I can't see them). But I want to verify this before I begin using Todo in earnest for work and then find out 14 months from now that I can no longer view the tasks I want to see.


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Any response on this functionality would be greatly appreciated....

i.e. Does Todo store completed tasks indefinitely?

If you are using a sync service other than Todo Cloud, tasks are only keep for a maximum time of 1 year. If you are using Todo Cloud, completed tasks are kept in Todo Cloud indefinitely and can be accessed from Completed tasks will still only be kept for a maximum of 1 year on devices.


Agree there is a need for users to be able to keep or store completed tasks on their computers.

The limitation of one year on completed tasks has always been the case in the ToDo application. 

I still use ToDo6 on my iPad and iPhone because this older ToDo version has the capacity to email a project list, a task, etc.  I email the lists to myself from ToDo6, and keep them stored on my computer as my backup archive of what happened, when, etc.  One can then print out a list or copy and paste the emailed list to another application for storage. It's a work-around. Note that ToDo6 also allows one to send a task list to the Appigo Notebook application.  That functionality also was lost in ToDo7.  

Conclusion: for those who need to keep some documentation of project actions, Appigo could bring back the email function.  That would at least allow users to preserve what they want to preserve rather than have to do so in the Appigo cloud or iCloud, with the latter limited to one year.

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