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Mac Todo 3.02 - How can I change alert time for 'alert/other'?

I can't seem to find out how to change the alert time from 12am - not ideal to have it going off in the night!

What I am doing is Alerts/New Alert/Alert Delivery - gives me the option of the day, though I can't seem to adjust the clock / click on the time given above.

I can change the time on the iOS app - but I mainly enter new items on the Mac

Any help greatly appreciated.


I am using Todo with Dropbox 

After you click on Alerts --> New Alert you will be on the Alert Delivery tab. On this tab (for me) it shows the following options:


0 minutes before

5 minutes before

15 minutes before

30 minutes before

1 hour before

2 hours before

1 day before

2 days before


These are shown even if no due time is selected for the task.

Thanks Peter.

What I'm really after is when I click 'Other" and chose say October 11th - to chose what time the alert is to go off.  As far as I can see there is a clock face, but I can't change it from 12 - if I click on it it will change the alert from am to pm but I can't see how to change the time itself, say to 10am October 11th.

Does anyone know?

Ah, OK. I haven't used that before.

It wasn't immediately obvious but I found that if you click and hold on the hands of the clock and drag them, they move. You can move both the big hand and the small hand.

That's brilliant Peter — that works wonderfully!

I hope its of use to you as well!

Many thanks.

It doesn't work for me? I've tried clicking and dragging and no go.


Are you using the latest version of Todo for Mac? Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing?


Yes I am, here is the screenshot:

Why don't you just use the normal dialog that you do with the Due time?

This screen has to be different than the one for due times as it requires a due date and time to be set. We have updated this and it should work in the next release.


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