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Todo Mac broken iCloud on Yosemite?

Just tried to sync via iCloud on Yosemite and it says my version of OS X does not support iCloud...  Um... yes it does.  Seems like a simple plist edit probably but should have an update to fix this and very soon!

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We are aware of this problem. We are currently working on an update to address this. We hope to have the update released in the next week or two if all goes well.


I have Todo on iPad, iPhone and Mac. Since iOS 8 the sync has been working poorly - just about keeping in sync but occasionally taking a very long time to get it right. Sometimes a sync will take several minutes.

I've now upgraded to Yosemite and it's completely broken the sync. My Mac seems to be maintaining its own copy of all tasks, with the iPad and iPhone still synchronised. Looks like the sync space is now divided into two - iOS and Yosemite.

Please fix this urgently - it's primary functionality and one of the main reasons we all use todo lists.

John Wilkins: I was having the same issues, I hope they get the sync thing fixed soon as Jeff Hammond said they are trying to. I recommend switching to dropbox for syncing until the update comes. This seems to have fixed my problem. 

Though a word of caution: the dropbox sync doesn't seem to be as fast as the iCloud sync was under iOS 7, but it does work.

As you continue to use Dropbox for syncing you should find the speed of syncing will pick up.


I'm not switching to Dropbox. I want to use the iCloud sync feature and Im pushing for it to be fixed.

Am I correct though that Dropbox sync doesn't "push" changes the way iCloud does so you have to manually sync for changes to appear on other devices?

Any updates on this issue? Did you submit an update fixing this issue to the Mac App Store already?

I am using ToDo on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac and really love it. Just looking forward to see this issue resolved.

Jeff, is there a target date for the iCloud fix? 

Still waiting for a fix - the product is supposed to support iCloud synchronisation but it doesn't at the moment and there is currently no up to date word on a fix. Come on Appigo - give us a fix or at least give us some kind of feedback.

Any update on this - just bought the Mac and iOS8 version and not being able to sync via iCloud puts a big old spanner in the works :-)

I too am looking for a fix for this problem.  The App told me iCloud wasn't installed on my computer, it is.  I even turned on iCloud Drive.  the app doesn't give me an iCloud option fro syncing and the sync command is grayed out.  ToDo Drive doesn't seem to work either.

By the way it's been almost three weeks.

@Jeff Hammond: Referring to your original answer to Mike, I would like to know, when we can expect the update for Mac OS to fix synching with iCloud (Drive)? It's now 3 weeks without any news...

Thank you


I apologize for the delay. We have been working on an update. Yosemite introduced a lot of bugs into Todo for Mac which have been working to correct. We are currently wrapping up those fixes and working on testing the app. As long as no major problems are found in testing we hope to have the update submitted to Apple by the end of next week. We sincerely apologize for the delay and hope to have this update out as soon as possible.


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