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Todo Mac broken iCloud on Yosemite?

Just tried to sync via iCloud on Yosemite and it says my version of OS X does not support iCloud...  Um... yes it does.  Seems like a simple plist edit probably but should have an update to fix this and very soon!

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I sincerely apologize for the problems you and many others are experiencing. We are working with Apple at this time to try and get this resolved as soon as we can.


Woop Woop!  Just downloaded 3.0.4 and all is well.   :)   

At last! An update from Apple. I've updated my Mac version, switched over to iCloud and tested - seems stable and to be working. Switched my iPad and iPhone over too and tested again - still stable on the Mac, so far, and also synchronisation seems to be working normally.

Looking good....

Just saw the Mac OS version update and downloaded.  Its seems back to synching fine.  Thx

Seven days and it still seems to be stable. No crashes on my Mac and sync is working between all my devices as you would expect. It's also fast too.

It took a while... but well done guys.

do I have to upgrade to iCloud drive in order for this to work? When I choose I cloud, it says I have to enable it in my Settings but I have iCloud enabled already

The latest update of Todo for Mac should allow you to sync using iCloud or iCloud drive. If you are using iCloud make sure you have documents and data enabled.


Thanks for the Mac version update. I finally updated my computer to Yosemite, and the Todo update, signed up for iCloud Drive, and the syncing is working. whew.

Does anyone know where the data is stored on a desktop in Yosemite? When I tried to get the sync working, it erased a year's worth of todos on my desktop! I have a time Machine but need help figuring out what file to retrieve and where to find it (maybe in the Library?)

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