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Mac app is disappointing


I've been using Todo in my iPhone and iPad for about a year. Today I just bought the mac version, expecting something awesome like iOS app, but the app is really disappointing.

I rather tell you guys here to post a negative review on app store, because I thought some of them is because of OS X Yosemite and that's not fair to judge the whole development process. ;)

These are the problem that bothered me soooo much that I just deleted the Mac App after installing:

1- iCloud sync does not work and when I switch to dropbox I'm not able to choose the folder that keeps the synchronization data.

2- no notification in yosemite

3- It's essential to be able to have something like a helper app that keeps running in background and do some of works like handling universal shortcuts and status bar icon. (Or at least app should let the user to hide the dock icon)

4-  after going to fullscreen mode there is no way to return back (also in yosemite)

5- Mac app does not obey the list orders that I chose in iOS app


Which sync service were you using with the Mac app. We are attempting to verify item 5 that you mentioned.

I think I was using dropbox at that moment.


Thank you for your feed back. We hope to have some of these issues resolved in the next update.


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