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iOS 8 Today Widget - Customize Content

I love the appearance of the iOS 8 Today Widget, but I don't see anywhere where we can customize the contents of what tasks show up in the widget.

For my own personal process, I would like for it to show only Starred Tasks, but I think other would probably chose differently.

Enhancement Request
A user should be able to select one of the following to display in the iOS 8 Today Widget:
  • Focus List
  • Starred Tasks
  • Due Today & Overdue Tasks

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Agreed, the functionality is very limited for tasks that do not have due dates. I personally do not like to add very many due dates to my tasks so I would prefer the ability to choose a specific list (and preferably a personalized list) for the widget. Once I picked a list, I would like all the tasks in the list to show up, regardless of due date. Currently, even if I have something starred, I can't get it to show up in the widget without a due date. I don't like that the widget is limited by one criteria when Todo is so great at giving people options.

Yeah, I frequently have a ton of overdue tasks, so this is kind of useless for me since it shows old stuff. I want to be able to see what is truly due TODAY, not Today & Overdue.

* Yes, I realize by having tons of overdue tasks I'm probably doing it wrong. But it works for me.


Yes. Very important. I can't even figure out why the tasks listed are chosen.


For me, It would be  better to be the first tasks in the focus list, sorted as I sort it.


The tasks listed in the widget are the first five tasks matching what you have set for your badge count. Generally this is set to overdue/due today.


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