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More granular postpone options

 Given that you can assign a due time as well as a due date to a task, I would love to be able to quickly update the time to an hour in the future, or 15 minutes later, etc. Sort of like the "delay" feature, but available to tasks where the notification has already fired. Sometimes I unlock the phone quickly, and only after it has unlocked do I notice I've got Todo notifications. So then I can't delay them again.

But if I could just hit +1 Hr from the quick menu, I could get another alert in an hour! I think this would be fantastic.

Ideally this would be available from iOS, Mac, and web.

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I would like to see a variation on this. Occasionally I set a task to call a contact on a date and time but it turns out that they are out of the office for some reason. I would like to note/log the original action and comment that I am pushing the same task out x number of days etc. That way when I finally do connect with the contact I have a log of attempted contacts. 

Sure I can put it in notes, but it's not the same and notes are for notes. 


Would like an option to postpone to the weekend, or postpone until monday of next week (next work week).

I'm always moving stuff off to the weekend and with work the next work week.


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