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Creating alert on Mac does not sync to phone unless you open app to sync first

Am I missing something? If I create an alert on my Mac to remind me of something at a specific time, I have to remember to open the app and sync on my phone otherwise the alert will not come up on my phone.

Similarly if I set a reminder for a new task for my partner she won't get a notification if she doesn't open the app between the time I set it and the alert time.

I've seen with other apps like Wunderlist it pushes the alert to your phone even if the app is on even running in the background.

Have I messed up the sync settings or is this feature not available?


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We are aware of this bug. We have an update submitted to Apple that is waiting to be reviewed that should correct this.


Brilliant, thanks Jeff. 

I too am having problems with alerts created either on another device or via Siri integration not alerting unless the app is opened and refreshed. At times, Siri reminders still pop up even though they should have been moved to todo. I'm running iOS 9.1 on an iPhone 6S.
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