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I recently upgraded to 8.0.4 for ToDo. When I try to delete a task the screen freezes up and the the app closes.

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What type of device are you using? What iOS do you have running? Are you deleting by swiping from right to left over the task name?


I have the same issue, i have an iphone 6s plus running iOS10, if i try to delete a task swiping from right to the left and selecting cancel the screen freezes and the app crashes
i just noticed that going in the "modify" section of a list (not a smart list) and then in the "completed task" from there i can delete a task, but it's the only way i found to do it, i would like to delete a task wherever i am and not only there.
also even if i delete a task with that system, i keep finding it when i perform a search using a tag that task had
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