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TODO freezes and closes app when changing "priority" of a task

Can anyone help, I have an iPhone 4S on iOS 7.1.1 with TODO 8.0.4 and the app freezes and closes app when changing "priority" of a task. So basically I can't enter or change any priority. If there a fix for this?

Kind Regards, Mike

And update to correct this but has been submitted, but Apple is shut down this week so it will be some time before it is released.
In the mean time to change a priority do the following:
-Tap and hold on the task until the quick menu come up
-Tap on priority from the quick menu (your quick menu can be modified in settings)
-Select the priority for your task


Working on an iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8.1.2, my app freezes when I try to edit the due date. Quick menu or otherwise, it freezes. Basically can't use the app on my phone anymore like this.

Will the pending update fix this too?

yes, the update will correct the problem with priority as well.


Has this fix been released yet?  I am having the same problem as Johannes, where the ToDo app freezes when I try to edit the due date.  I am also on iOS 8.1.2, iPhone 6 Plus.

The update went into review by Apple this morning. We hope it is approved so we can release the update soon.


The intermediate fix I got, which works, is to switch over to the calendar type date entry. Away from the scroll wheel entry. Requires to delete the app first, then reinstall, change the type of data entry and you are good to go. Haven't had any issues since, but look forward to have full functionality back with the new release.

It works!  Thank you!

I just tried this with 8.05 ....even the trick with the quick menu...instant you touch priorty, CRASH.


Me too, updated to v8 and tapping on 'priority' by any means (conventional or quick menu) crashes/closes the app. Same thing happens when trying to delete a task.
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