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Using Start Date and Due date

When you have a start date in the past(say two days earlier than today), and a due date in the future( say three day from today), your task shows as due in the past(two days earlier than today )

Ideally it should show up as to do in the future !!!! right ?

Vijay Javeri

no, because your start date has past, but your due date has not you are indicating that you are working on the task currently so the task will appear in your Today section until the due date is passed. Once you have passed the due date it will move to the overdue section.


Basically I use the start date to map when I began the task and due date as the actual date of completion. It's one way for me map how long this task has taken to complete. I see from your reply that you are using start date And due dates slightly differently. Is there a way that the task can be moved to its due date ? Away from today's "focus" ?
Not if you have a start date assigned to a task. I have added your vote to request to implement time tracking.


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