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Can't set dues dates for subtasks anymore

Suddenly I can't set due dates for subtasks in my check lists. Double clicking on the subtask only gives me a field to change the name. I can't even see the due dates for existing subtasks.

The web interface won't let me do this either.

It's not something I need on every task, but I don't understand why you would take this away from us.


Only project subtasks allow you to change due dates. Checklist items are only a name.


Yep, I realized that after I posted this.

Still, there is a related issue here: In the current Mac app, there's no visual distinction between projects and check lists. 

That's why I got confused, because I have a whole bunch of projects and check lists. I didn't realize my mistake until I looked more closely at the web interface and saw the different icons. 

So, if you guys can bring back the icons in the Mac app, people won't ask you why their subtasks are broken. :)

I have forwarded this suggestion on to our developers.


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