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iOS - "Sort" by date, priority - bug has appeared

Starting a few weeks ago, my iPhone and iPad, both with fully updated iOSs, stopped sorting by due date or priority. I often switch between the two. When I do that now, however, ToDo Cloud remains stuck in the prior view. I need to not only close the app, but also doubleclick and flip it so that it has totally quit. When it reopens it's showing the view that I asked for before I quit the app. The problem has been there for almost a month I think, and affected both my iPhone and iPad simultaneously.  Please fix it - it's getting in the way of efficient use of what's otherwise a fine app.

when you quit the app are you tapping the home button twice and swiping up to close the app completely?


Yes, that's the only way to get the app to change sorting order. Same thing is true on both my iPhone and my iPad and it's been true for at least a month. Before that, the command worked the way it was supposed to.


This is on our road map to be addressed in one of the next updates.
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