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Apple Watch Support

Will you be rolling out an update for ToDo to work with the Apple Watch?  Please do!  Thank you...

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We do have plans to have an update for Todo so you can have Todo on Apple Watch.


Thanks, I like the Apple Watch Integration. Thumbs Up.

Yes Please, Oh and a big fan of ToDo

I look forward to it. it would be great.

Todo is supported on the Apple watch.


I have Todo set up in Glances but when I open Glances Todo does not appear at all. What do I have to do to set it up?
Can you send a screen shot of your glances settings showing Todo enabled to with a description of the problem.


Hi Jeff, included is a photo of the Glances settings; of these apps I have two that do not appear in the iWatch and those are Todo Cloud and Running.

I tried removing the Todo Cloud from Glances and adding it but it still does not appear. I also shuffled the order of the apps and they move almost instantaneously in the iWatch.

In the case of Todo Cloud and Running, nothing appears in the iWatch

(74.1 KB)

I got it to work, I was not aware that before adding it in Glances you have to 'activate' the app in the list that appears at the bottom of the My Watch

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