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Intelligent Parsing iOS Quick Add

Todo Cloud iOS 8.2 (Mar 31)

The new Quick Add from a website (and other supported apps) now allows the addition of notes and list selection, but intelligent parsing to add a due date, start date, tags... does no longer seem to work.  Without a due date, adding a task to a list can be a quick way to loose sight of it. 

Todo iOS 8.2.2 (April 8, 2015)

I agree and I'd like to add:

- With the introduction of being able to Quick Add a web link, if I leave everything default (blank except for the link I'm adding) and tap Add to Todo, it says "added". But then when I try to sync, I get error updating. The error won't go away unless I Reset Sync Data. I think the todo task should itself contain the link, not the link be tucked away in the note. Or at least pop up an error saying the Task content cannot be blank.

- Also there's no obvious way to hide the keyboard. The keyboard hides the Add to Todo and Cancel buttons. You have to tap on any background area to hide the keyboard to be able to tap Add to Todo. (on an iPhone 5S).

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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