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Latest sync problem

I see that there is another sync problem between Mac and iOS versions of Todo if you are using Cloud or Dropbox.

I've read your Known Issue warning about this and note that you're working on a fix. Do we have an ETA for this please?

I'm concerned because last time this happened back in October we were unable to sync with Mac for the best part of 3 months. If we're going to have a repeat of this then I'm just going to have to find an alternative - I cannot be without a working sync for that amount of time.

Hopefully you're going to tell me it's fixed - loaded to Apple waiting for approval, and should be in the store in a few more days....

Please accept our apology for the difficulty in syncing you are experiencing. What has happened is the updates for iPhone and iPad have updated the Todo data base making it no longer compatible with Todo for Mac. We submitted the updates for Todo for Mac and Todo for iOS at the same time. The iOS version was approved before the Mac had even gone into review. Because we had some users expereincing bugs with the iOS builds we wanted to get the updates out quickly and forgot about data base updates. We sincerely apologize for our error and any inconvenience this may have caused. This should be corrected when the Todo for Mac update has been approved by Apple. If you would like we have a beta version with the fix available here:


I can understand the pressure you face - as a developer of software that works across multiple platforms I'm in the same position. It's somewhat annoying that you guys missed the database compatibility issue when allowing the split release, but it's also good to know there is a beta version available - that's a huge relief so well done for that.

Given that the Mac version is awaiting review I think I'll probably hang on for a few more days in the hope that I just get an automatic update of the official version. Good to know that I can get my hands on the beta if it becomes too long a wait due to the usual vagaries of the Apple approval process.

I am having the same issue.  Downloaded 3.0.6 beta but get message iCloud must be enabled in 'Settings' on your device.  I already have iCloud on for Too.

The beta will only work for Dropbox. In order to sync with iCloud apps have to be distributed through the app store.


The beta version fixed the issue for me as I am using the Dropbox sync. Thank you for that Beta version.

Using Safari on an iPhone 6, I enter the address you gave above, Jeff, and I get the message "NoSuchKey The specified key does not exist..." I tried it numerous times and check the spelling etc. Any help appreciated.

This problem has really shaken my confidence in todo... although I have loved it otherwise and recommended it. So, I'd love to get fix for this problem one way or another. Thanks.

I have tried three times to use the address above to download the beta fix with Safari on my iPhone 6. Each time I get the message: "NoSuchKey The specified key does not exist." Did the link change or am I doing something else wrong?

I have been a big fan of Todo, and I've recommended it. But, I admit these problems of late have shaken my confidence. I'd love to fix this soon -- I do appreciate that you are working on the problem with DropBox etc. and the challenges of keeping up with os changes etc. Thank you for any help on this!

M Moore,

The update for Todo for Mac should be available in the Mac app store.


Todo Mac with both iPhone and iPad versions. All updated including the latest Todo Mac that has been just released in the App Store.

Everything fixed and syncing again on iCloud.

Good work guys.

I updated to Todo for Mac on Mavericks, and the update, by itself, doesn't seem to fix anything.

I'm using Todo for iOS 8.2.3 (Build 8d93b6) on an iPhone 6 and synchronizing with Dropbox. I've tried Reset Synchronization on my iPhone, as well as Switching Services to something else and back to Dropbox. Both resulted in the same (stale) data appearing on my iPhone. That tells me the DB in the Dropbox file is likely still stale.

Do I have to do the whole back-up-delete-everything-resync-desktop process to update the DB schema; i.e.,




Have you made any changes in Todo for Mac to try to force a change in the Dropbox db? Once you have forced the sync on your Mac try a reset sync on your iOS device. If that does not work please email


I had made changes and forced Synchronization to occur (<cmd>-S). This morning, I saw errors in the log, such as:

2015-04-20 12:00:33.437 PM Todo[522]: Error updating task: call Joe about desktop. Task wasn't found in database.

2015-04-20 12:00:33.437 PM Todo[522]: updateTask returned an unknown error for task: call Joe about desktop

That particular Task was added through Mac Todo, last Friday, prior to the upgrade to Mac Todo, but after the upgrade to the iOS version. The error message led me to believe that database updates were failing due to incompatibility.

However, having run a few tests, I notice that new tasks are getting sync'd across to my iPhone and one Task that I marked Completed (probably, an older one) also synchronized properly, so something is working. However, there is still a large number of Tasks that seem to be stuck where they were when I upgraded iOS Todo, regardless of their state within Mac Todo.

I'm not sure what that means for the state of the database, but it appears it might be corrupt.

I have exacttly same configuration as Grant Have. When I'm doing changes to my iPhone and syncronize them to the Dropbox. I can't see the changes in my MAC after MAC syncronization. My MAC's log is following:

150422 10:06:24: ========== Dropbox ==========

150422 10:06:24: Sync Type: Normal

150422 10:06:24: No changes needed to sync, ending sync.

150422 10:06:24: -----------------------------------------------

150422 10:06:24: DBX Scheduled to auto-sync in 1 hours (3600 seconds)


What version of Todo are you using on your Mac and iPhone?


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