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Latest sync problem

I see that there is another sync problem between Mac and iOS versions of Todo if you are using Cloud or Dropbox.

I've read your Known Issue warning about this and note that you're working on a fix. Do we have an ETA for this please?

I'm concerned because last time this happened back in October we were unable to sync with Mac for the best part of 3 months. If we're going to have a repeat of this then I'm just going to have to find an alternative - I cannot be without a working sync for that amount of time.

Hopefully you're going to tell me it's fixed - loaded to Apple waiting for approval, and should be in the store in a few more days....

I fixed my problem by deleting the corrupt database (on Dropbox), and re-sync'ing everything from a trusted source (my desktop).

As an aside - is it me or is this new version MUCH faster at syncing.

I don't think I ever recall seeing the Mac and iOS versions syncing data on iCloud so quickly.

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