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Subtasks in tasks in projects

Hi! I'd like the possibility to create sub tasks in an task, that is part of a project. It's not practical to create a new checklist for tasks that are part of projects, you will loose the overview. A little new symbol could show the progress.

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I have year+ long projects with multiple tasks that can take months at a time and themselves have multiple layers of tasks to accomplish, so true subtasks under a task would be fantastic.  With the check list you loose the ability to make notes or comments on the smaller subtasks to accomplish the main task.  Example: Task= Get Report from all department heads on event.  Sub-task: Contact Sharon, Contact Bill, etc.  You get a hold of Bill no problem but he says it's his last day before vacation and will tap it out first thing next week, with a true sub-task you could note that and set a suspense date to revisit.  Then, you only get Sharon's voice mail, so you leave a message and put a note on the sub-task that she should be responding because of the message.  That way when she says, "I didn't know" you can challenge back that the ball was in her court because of the voice message.  None of this can be accomplished by the check list option.  

As always, thanx for a great app, just trying to participate to make it better, this is constructive input and not criticism.  I recently tried one of your major competitors and deleted it shortly there after and I'm still here. 

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