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Support for the Pebble Smartwatch

With Appigo releasing an Apple Watch app for Todo, many Pebble users have been left out. Creating a similar app for the Pebble watch would allow even more people to use Todo to help them stay organized.

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Yes. Please support the Pebble smart watch. I have been using todo for about 5 years now and am considering moving to a new task management app due to its lack of compatibility with my Pebble, IFTTT, other apps and Amazon Echo 

Yes, please support the Pebble smart watch.  The Apple watch is great, but you have to charge it up twice a day.  That's not very practical.

Totally agree. The new Pebble Time Steel is a very high quality watch that I chose over the Apple Watch because of it's 7-10 day battery life and waterproofing. Use a Pebble checklist app but would very much like to integrate it with my Todo Cloud account, which I've been using for about 5 years as well.

I have a Pebble Time Round on the way and I would prefer to keep using ToDo with it.


I would like to see a Pebble interface as well. I've been a ToDo user for years and now I'm getting a Pebble so I need to be able to sync them!


Thank you for your suggestion, I have forwarded your request to our development team for further review and discussion. However we cannot give you an estimated turn around time as to when or if this will be implemented. 

Again, thank you for sending your suggestions. 

Happy DOING! 

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