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Syncing ToDo does not work anymore with iCloud

I stuck with ToDo6 across iPad, iPhone, and iMac, having found this version of ToDo the most reliable over all the years I've used it.  Always able to sync from any one of the three Apple devices to the other two devices via iCloud.

Just installed 8.2.3 on the iOS devices, and the 3.0.6 on the iMac. NO syncing evident from the iPad ToDo6 (the "final" update for ToDo6, now called Todo for iPad 0.0.7) to iPhone or iMac. The 8.2.3 versions of ToDo on the iPhone and iPad seem to be stuck where the iMac3.0.6 is stuck, with the data on the three devices before the final update of ToDo6, and before the installation of 8.2.3 and 3.0.6.  

So syncing via iCloud is broken in all directions.  


Also when I registered the iOS versions on the iPhone and iPad, I was assured I would receive "instructions" by email from Appigo on how to transfer task files from ToDo6.  Nothing arrived.

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This help article that addresses what you can do if your devices stop syncing with iCloud:
Also, if one device is using iCloud Drive make sure all your devices are using iCloud Drive.


Thank you.  Problem not resolved. 

 I followed the instructions, and made sure the iPhone, iPad, and Mac are all using iCloud Drive.  

NOTE: I want the tasks on the ToDo6 on the iPad to be the "most current and correct Todo data". This is to apply to the ToDo6 on the iPhone and the 3.0.6 on the Mac. I also wanted to see if the 8.2.3 versions of ToDo on the iPhone and iPad would "take" or accept the ToDo6 data. Not been able to get the 8.2.3 versions to sync across the iOS8 devices, and with 3.0.6.

Did backup first of ToDo6 (now called "iPad 0.0.7") through iTunes to the computer.  

Step 1:  disconnected both ToDo applications on the three devices from iCloud services for synchronization.  

Step 2:  Removed the ToDo applications task data from iCloud, going into "manage Storage", and deleting the data files from iCloud

Step 3:  Selected ToDo6 on iPad for the startup of the most current and correct datafile to appear on all devices -- in ToDo6 and in the more recent ToDo8 version.  Selected iCloud for synchronization services for each application and device.  Selected MERGE.

First checked the synchronization via iCloud on the ToDo6 on iPad, creating a new data or event. Synchronized. Then made a change in the event, synchronized, and the data held, was stable.

Step 4:  Could not establish synchronization -- a) could not get iPhone ToDo6 and Mac ToDo 3.0.6 to show the ToDo6 data I established in iCloud.  I followed the directions, of first selecting iCloud as the Third Party Service, and then tapped the replace button.  Could not get ToDo6 on the iPhone to show the iPad ToDo6 data -- now iPhone ToDo6 has no data; iPad ToDo6 retains the data.  The same was true for ToDo 3.0.6 on the Mac.  Also tried to get the newer version of ToDo, 8.2.3, on the iPad to accept the data in iCloud from ToDo6, with "replace".  

This is a puzzle.  Why doesn't iCloud Drive allow syncing of ToDo6 between iPhone and iPad?  That syncing always existed before.  Is it not possible to get syncing between ToDo6 and ToDo 8.2.3?

Any other suggestions?

Got the same problem. I tried to follow the steps mentioned in The issue is that in step 2, there are not Todo data mentioned. So how can I delete these (because they do exist in iCloud). Thanks
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