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Sync problems (between iOS and Outlook Win7) after latest upgrade


I have not been able to complete a successful sync on either my IPAD or Itouch after upgrading to todo 8.2.5 (build c83e5b) and the latest iOS (8.4).  Unfortunately I upgraded both the iOS and ToDo together so I can not tell which of the upgrades affected the synchronization function. No other changes have been made to my wireless network.

The symptom is I start ToDo and initiate a sync and all I get a spinning indicator.  Appigo sync on my PC shows the last sync for each device and they were on 7/15 and 7/19.  Figuring that there might be a bug I've been patiently waiting for a patch to be released. but I've waited long enough and figured I would post this.  

Any suggestions on what to do next?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Please email support at


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