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[iOS] GUI visual enhancements

I am a longtime Todo user and just updated to the latest Todo 8 version on iOS.  While the app continues to improve and become more robust, I feel the update has taken a step back in terms of the visual simplicity (and therefore ease of use) which made Todo so appealing from the first versions I installed on my iPhone 3GS.

While many UI and layout choices are a matter of personal preference, there are several universal rules that make using an app easier for the user, especially critical for a productivity app.

The task list has now become very visually cluttered making it difficult to quickly process the most important information.  Some suggestions that I believe will improve the user experience:

  1. Add more white space between tasks (as in Todo 6) and select a spacing ratio or graphical element that makes it easier to distinguish one task from the next. The colored bar on the left was clearly an attempt to do this and is great for saving horizontal screen space, however the tiny vertical gap between them basically makes them run together so that visually they appear as a single line, defeating their purpose.  One suggestion would be to use the list color for the outline of the leftmost checkbox.
  2. Consider reverting the task title to bold as in Todo 6.  This emphasizes the most important information IMHO (the task title), and the eye can then focus on more subtle details such as due date, number of subtasks, recurrence indicator, alert icon, etc. when necessary.
  3. Use icons whenever possible. e.g. forcing the user to read "5 subtasks" under a Project item takes much longer to interpret than the oval subtask count indicator next to the project icon that existed in Todo 6.  The icon grouping on the right side of the task list in Todo 6 kept all the relevant minor details visually separate from the primary details of task title and due date which resulted in a much cleaner list.  Grouping a bunch of text of similar weight 
  4. Due dates for Projects in the task list are truncated (e.g. "Wed Au...") for no apparent reason. There is plenty of space to list the complete due date as is done for individual tasks
  5. Gray out completed Projects further.  The new background color to indicate Project items is useful, but when quickly scrolling through the task list, the background highlight for completed Projects catches the user's attention just as much as active Projects.

One of Todo's great strengths is its visual simplicity, and the Appigo team has done a great job in continually improving the app's design.  So I hope you do not consider these improvements as trivial or low priority, as graphical design elements greatly impact an app's overall usability.  Reducing clutter as much as possible should be of highest priority on the small iPhone screen.  

Thanks for taking the time to consider these suggestions.
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