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Checklist vs Project

When I look at the tasks in a list, both projects and checklists look the same. Only by tapping on the little information icon can I find if the entry is a project or a checklist or by looking at the entries under it that are all listed as "sub tasks" when looking at the project or checklist title. Could you refine this a bit so I know what I'm looking at under a List heading?

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Most of all: this feature was there before Todo 7 (the one we had to buy again, as iOS 7 was new); in that version 6(?) there was a little icon in the entry, something like a tree with sub-nodes for projects, and (if I remember right) a checkmark for checklists … like those icons still showing up for alert and repeating (same location as them?) … or that icon when a note is attached.

That's one of the few things I still really hate about Todo 8.

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