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ToDo will not open

ToDo will no longer open on my iPhone.  When I click on the ToDo icon the blue ToDo screen appears and immediately disappears and I return to my Home screen.

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Version Todo 6

Sorry, I forget what I did exactly.   My issue was also after an iOS update.  I think that I doubled tapped the Home button on my phone and swiped the Todo page off the top of the phone screen to get it out of memory.  Then I clicked on the Todo icon on my Home screen and it worked.

I did! They answer quickly! Bad news is Todo 6 is not compatible with iOS 9

I too have had the same issue when I updated my iPhone 5 to 9.0.1 yesterday. I also have Todo 6. Now it won't open - it freezes on 'No tasks'  for about 15s then closes completely. I have closed it by swiping it from memory as above, I have tried to find an update, I have shut the phone down and turned it back on, and I have tried in flight mode. No worky Todo anymore. Which is slightly worrying as I rely heavily on it in my day to day and I have no idea how to get Todo onto iCloud. Can you please help?

I have exactly the same problem
Hi, I also have the same problem on my IPad. When I click on the Todo icon, the blue Todo screen appears and immediately disappears and return to my home screen. It happened after I updated my IPad with IOS 9. Did you already find the solution ?
What version of Todo do you have installed? If you put your device in airplane mode does Todo open?


If you have not already, open a ticket with support.  I am not sure how much they monitor the forums and they have always been responsive when I have opened a ticket.

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