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Todo Cloud is easily crash recently

Please kindly update the support for 10.11 asap! It's easily crash now!

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 I have forwarded this information to our development team.


My experience is similar to Jerry's. Under Mavericks and Yosemite, I found that the Todo desktop app periodically crashed while receiving sync updates after I had changed or completed tasks on another device. Under El Capitan I am finding that it regularly crashes after I have completed a task on the desktop app and it is pushing that notification to the sync server. I'm currently syncing via dropbox.

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I am experiencing routine crashes of ToDo on both my MacBook Pro laptops. This started occurring immediately after upgrading to El Capitan OS. The crashes occur spontaneously even when ToDo is simply sitting in the background. I do not know if it is being triggered by a sync operation. I am syncing via ToDo Cloud.

Please get an update out ASAP!

Also experiencing frequent crashes. The crashes are making Todo unusable. 

Same is happening to me.  I sent in a support ticket a couple weeks ago.  I had to restore using time machine to go back before my install El Capitan of so I could have a working copy of Todo.  I bet they are working hard on it.

Could someone please post when they figure it out?

Our development team is working hard to fix this problem. There is currently no timeline, however once it has been rectified we'll have the update pushed to the Mac App Store. 

Same is happening to me, El Capitan Mac Book Pro retina

Jeff - getting crashes almost ever 10 minutes on both my Mac Book Pro and MacPro tower.  Something glitchy with To Do when running on El Capitan.  This recent crash caused me to lose sync wth several entries.  I had to uninstall on both machines and then it fixed the problem.  Let us know when you isolate and fix the problem.  Anxiously awaiting an update. 

We have a beta build available for Todo for Mac. If you would like, the beta can be downloaded here:

Todo Cloud for Mac:

Todo for Mac:


Someone please let us know if the beta build is reliable with El Capitan. I can't afford the time to try it out. Thanks, Josh

Just want to add that I'm seeing the same thing in case more users reporting errors will help bump this fix up in the queue.  

Hello Ken,

Thank you for taking the time out to provide your feedback, we value it. We have a beta build available for Todo for Mac. If you would like, the beta can be downloaded here:

Todo Cloud for Mac:

Todo for Mac:

Thanks Keno, unfortunately the Beta doesn't appear to work with iCloud sync. It  keeps asking me to enable iCloud in settings and as far as I can see, it is enabled.  The legacy ToDo software seems to work fine with iCloud.

I'm having similar issue with frequent crashes. If interested I could upload the "Problem Report" data.


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