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Todo Cloud is easily crash recently

Please kindly update the support for 10.11 asap! It's easily crash now!

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My experience is similar to Jerry's. Under Mavericks and Yosemite, I found that the Todo desktop app periodically crashed while receiving sync updates after I had changed or completed tasks on another device. Under El Capitan I am finding that it regularly crashes after I have completed a task on the desktop app and it is pushing that notification to the sync server. I'm currently syncing via dropbox.

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Same problem. Think I'll hold off on trying the beta based upon user comments thus far.


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Same is happening to me, El Capitan Mac Book Pro retina

Thank you for the recent update. This version is much more stable. It has not crashed once since updating.


Thanks Keno, unfortunately the Beta doesn't appear to work with iCloud sync. It  keeps asking me to enable iCloud in settings and as far as I can see, it is enabled.  The legacy ToDo software seems to work fine with iCloud.

Also experiencing frequent crashes. The crashes are making Todo unusable. 

 I have forwarded this information to our development team.


Last word I got was an email on Dec 17 which said:

"Unfortunately I'm unable to say when exactly the final release will be made available. Our developers have finished all major milestones and we're hoping to have the App submitted to Apple for approval before the week ends. "

I have not seen anything else. Does someone have an update? I am seriously looking for a replacement now. BTW there is NO way to export things so I have to start over from scratch.


Same is happening to me.  I sent in a support ticket a couple weeks ago.  I had to restore using time machine to go back before my install El Capitan of so I could have a working copy of Todo.  I bet they are working hard on it.

Could someone please post when they figure it out?

I've been waiting for over four months now for this to be resolved. This is NOT the service I've come to expect from Appigo over the years. Attention to Appigo representatives: YOU SHOULD BE UPDATING US ON THIS ISSUE REGULARLY (i.e. at least every two weeks). Has this been submitted to Apple? If not, why not???? When can we expect a resolution to this issue. It's not like you didn't have advance warning of the El Capitan operating system.

I haven't seen an update either. Appigo was as slow (with the same kind of communication) after the introduction of Yosemite.

Started a trial period with "Things" yesterday. Looks fine.

Reentered all my tasks there and it was not as bad as I thought. 

Looking forward to see this message in the forum without any censorship.

Every time it crashes I hit the report to Apple button. Maybe they will get tired of getting the crash reports.


We're glad you're satisfied and that everything is working great. 


Thank you for sharing your feedback, have a great day. 

Happy DOING!

Same issue here.


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