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Project back to a Task

I created a Project, then realized it belongs as a task in another project. Can I change the Project back to a task and then add into the other project?
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This can be done on your iOS device using the quick menu or multi edit options. Because your quick menu can have different option (managed in settings) I will give you instructions using the multi-edit button.

1-While viewing the list the task is in tap the multi-edit button (three horizontal lines near the upper right corner)

2-Tap on the bubble next to the project/task you want to edit

3-When you have selected the task, tap next in the upper right corner

4-Tap on the option to change the project to a task

5-Repeat steps 1-3

6-Select the option to move the task to a project

7-Select the project you would like the task to be moved into

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