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Issues w/ Assigning Tasks on Todo Cloud/Business iPad

Hello everyone. Been using Todo forever. I recently upgraded to Todo-Cloud Business so I can run my team tasking. However, in doing so, I noticed that I am not able to cause the iPad app to display on a group task list the person to whom the task is assigned. This feature works on the WebApp version and also on my iPhone. When I try to assign a task on the iPad app, I do not see any users eligible to receive tasks. In fact, the iPad app is unable to view any members on the team. The Member Filter view says "ALL" and has a tip that I must Syncronize with Todo Cloud to view the members of this list. My tasks are syncing between my iPad and the cloud, so I don't understand what the sync message could mean. Is this a known issue? Am I missing a setting? Any tips?
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Could you please send me your diagnostic report from Todo?

You can email it to me by following the steps below:

-In Todo, tap on the settings button
-Tap on "Information"
-Tap on "Diagnostics"
-Scroll down to the very bottom, and tap on "Email Diagnostic Report"
-Read the instructions of the popup message and tap on "Email"
-Please include the description of the problem you are having or the ticket ID of your support case
-When you are ready to email your Diagnostic Report, tap on "Send"


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