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Option to hide (not quit) and/or menu-bar only


I'd like to suggest a feature for ToDo Mac where hitting Cmd-Q or Cmd-W would hide Todo (same as Cmd-H) rather than quit it, or possibly remove it from the Dock but leave it in the menu bar.

Hard to break habit of hitting Cmd-Q when done, even though this then looses the task count from the dock.

 Hi Linus, 

I have added your vote to this request. We unfortunately cannot confirm if and when new features or products will be added, but our developers are constantly reviewing feature requests for new ideas and ways to improve our products. 

You can keep track of our latest updates, and new products in our Facebook page or through our Twitter announcements.

I would like to have the option to add a task from the mac top menu bar. At the moment when I quit the app also the icon on the top menu bar disappears, and this is quite useless.

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