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iOS 9 update iPad pro

Hi There , I would like to see an update on the iPad so I can use the split screen feature on the iPad Pro and on the Air 2 for my workers ...please

I agree -- I'm about to switch to another To Do app if this isn't supported soon...

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I agree as well.   I've started to use the Apple Reminders app (as simple as it is) because I can pull it up during a meeting while I'm writing notes with Notability so I can record my tasks from a meeting.   I really don't want to go backward, but I've changed to other apps that support split screen on my iPad Air2.  It really is a huge benefit productivity wise.  

I'm in agreement with the other comments here. I find that other apps taking advantage of split screen which aren't even beneficial for them. This is the last app that has not capitulated.

Hello Everyone, 

Thank you so much for your feedback, I'm pleased to inform you that this feature has been confirmed and will be coming to "Todo 9". In- fact the feature has already been implemented and and is currently available for in our public beta. 

For persons interested in joining our beta testing experience please visit:

Please bare in mind that if you opt to test the beta version please ensure you create a complete iTunes back up of your device before installing. 

Hi Keno , Aproximately when will it be up and running ..

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I've registered a couple of times for the Beta. When will I get notification on that?

How long till that app update? Can you share any information on the matter? Thnks


We're hoping to have the App shipped within a few weeks, unfortunately at this time we're unable to state a specific date. However we're very close to a release and have been shipping updates each week to our beta testers. 




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