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ToDo Mac should be master but won't push tasks to iCloud

I have ToDo on my Mac, my iPhone, and my iPad.

My Mac (laptop) version should be the master list, it's what I update/add tasks to, but I recently updated my OS (to El Capitan) and all of the versions (Mac and iOS) to the current version.

My Mac version (3.0.7) does not push to iCloud, it only downloads, so my iOS versions are not getting updated correctly because the aren't seeing the updates I make on my laptop.   I cannot find a setting in any version that determines which device is the master or how to 'push' a sync.

I've verified that my iCloud settings are correct on all devices.  Also, when I log into iCloud Drive to look at the file that is being synchronized, it shows that there is no file there.....?

I really need help with there a fix?

I am having the same problem of Not Sync'ing to ToDo Cloud  So none of my iOS devices are being updated.  A reset indicates I will lose the tasks on my mac

Hi Brad, I don't think I can help with ToDo Cloud because my problem was with iCloud, but I do recall seeing some info on fixing sync problems with ToDo Cloud whilst I was searching for help with my problem, hopefully you will find that page.

However to be safe before you try resetting, you can backup your ToDo task list by copying the database file to another location.

You'll find that file (on your Mac) here:

/Users/(your user folder)/Library/Containers/com.appigo.todomac/Data/Library/Application Support/Appigo Todo/

That way if you DO lose your tasks, you can put them back by copying that file back to that location.

Good luck!

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