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Problem with due date assignment using intelligent task parsing

On the desktop Mac version of the application (10.10.2), I tried to create a task whose due date was supposed to be May 4, 2016. I entered the task name as " Math (May 4)", which assigned the due date incorrectly as May 28, so I tried entering basically ever permutation of dates possible, mm/dd/yy(yy), mm/dd/yy(yy), both including and excluding the 0's before the day and month and all that, even tried spelling the whole date out. Every way I tried, it consistently ended up as May 28, and then on one of the combinations it came out as April 29. Didn't want to open a support ticket for something like this, but I would like to hear if anybody has had a similar issue, and if maybe it's month-specific and being addressed in an upcoming update. 

Hello Colin, 

Could you kindly advise us of the version of Todo you're currently using? 

(You can check the version by opening Todo then selecting Todo from the menubar > About Todo)


I have this problem too on my Mac. Version

Hello Ted, 

Thank you for reaching out to the Appigo Support team. 

We've been able to replicate this bug, our dev team is having this tracked down. Once an update is available we'll have the update pushed to the App Store. As a temporary solution you can revert to Todo 3.0.6 final build here : which should resolve the problem you're experiencing. 

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