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WiFi sync fails, desktop database corrupt

Is anyone else having this issue?  I have the lasted version of ToDo for Mac and Todo for the iPhone.  Something causes by desktop database to become corrupt, and the symptom is that when I sync over WiFi, the iPhone never stops syncing.  It goes into an infinite loop.  If I clear the phone database and try to resync from the desktop data, I have to kill the iPhone process and the phone says "never syncd" even though most of the data is there.  Phone data does not seem to make it to the desktop.

The last time this happened, Appigo customer support didn't really have anything to offer me, so I spent a week os spare time re-entering my database.  Now a month later it has happened again.  If there was some text export/import facility, I could work around the database corrupting, but alas, after a couple of years of asking for this with no action, I don't think we will see it.

So question: Has anyone else experienced this kind of sync failure and database corruption?

This pretty much makes the product unusable.  If Appigo can't recover my database this time, I'll be looking for a different ToDo tool.

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